*   Snips the Ends, Not the Length 

Easier, Faster & Safer than Scissors or Blades

Safely Trims the Tips of Damaged, Fried, Broken, Brittle Hair and Split Ends in Minutes

Promotes a Healthy Looking Sheen and a Silky Luxurious Head of Hair

*   Save Your Client Lots of Money on Expensive Hair Conditioning Treatment that don't Resolve the Problem

Now Man and Woman can Grow Longer Hair, Faster, More Beautiful and Healthier than Ever Before 

Get to know the Split-Ender PRO
*   1/8" Trim Spacer

*   1/4" Trim Spacer

*   Instruction Manual

*   Power Adaptor

*   Miracle Silk



Easier,  faster  and  safer  than  scissors!

Cordless Split End Hair Trimmer. Professional Split End Trimmer. Split Ender Professional For Hair Stylist

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New Surgy-Trim™ System Technology safely trims the ends of the hair where damaged hair ends and split ends starts while preserving the beautiful, long, healthy hair, insuring that all the ends (split, damaged or dry) are trimmed and healthy. 

The Split-Ender unique patented “Hair Plate” is Specially Designed to guide the "Hair Strands" to uniformly flow in and out throughout the “Strand Guards” and safely guiding each and every hair in a straight motion, forcing them to stand straight up when reaching the "Center of the Hair Plate" while delivering only the ends into the blades to snip the tip by approximately 1/8" to 1/4" (depending of the Spacer type that you select) trimming the ends where burned, dry, damaged hair ends and split ends are more likely to be found. All this! While preserving and leaving the long, beautiful and healthy hair strands untouched.

​And that my friends, is how the Split-Ender PRO works!

*   Split-Ender PRO

*   Organizer Carrying Bag

*   Styling Comb

*   2 Sectioning Clips

*   Cleaning Brush

For Professionals Only

Split Ender Pro Cordless Split End Hair Trimmer Trim Split Ends Dry And Frizzy Damaged Hair While Preserving The Length split end solution repair damaged hair ends natural treatment preserving the length of your hair how to remove damaged hair ends easy faster and safer than scissors snips the ends not the length fix and mend splitends no shampoos or conditioners needed. For luxurious health hair and silky soft beautiful hair.



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how to trim split ends frizzy dry and damaged hair while preserving the length for salon professional


Be  the  first  one  ON  YOUR  SALON  to  Offer  this  new  and AWESOME service  to  your  clients !
BE the FIRST one to remove  SPLIT  ENDS  AND  DAMAGED  HAIR  ENDS  by  Either 1/8"  or  1/4"  of  thE  endS  alone and  in  JUST  minutes,  WHILE  PRESERVING  The  LENGTH  of  your  clients  beautifuL  and  healthy  HAIR !

LEGAL NOTICE: This invention was created by Victor C. Talavera and is protected by law under U.S. Patent # 6,588,108, U.S. Patent # 7,040,021, Europe EP-Patent # 1,381,496, Canada Pat. # 2,444,497, Australia Pat. # 2002254637, China & Hong Kong Pat. # ZL 02 8 08380.6, Taiwan Pat. # 224 543. Other Worldwide Patents & Trademark Pending!

Split-Ender®, Talavera™, Surgy-Trim™ and STS™ are trademarks of Talavera Hair Products, Inc.

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